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Where is the Start? 

The Full Marathon Starts at 500 N Bronco Way, Blanding Utah. 

The Half Marathon Start line is around Mile 13, right outside of White Mesa. Half-Marathoners will be bussed to their start line the morning of. 

Where is the finish line?

The finish for both the Full and Half marathon is at 620 Black Locust Ave, Bluff Utah. Awards, EMS, vendors and more will all be present! There will be a shuttle back to the start, leaving approximately every half hour. 

What is the running surface?

Both the full and half marathon will be running along highway 191 and other paved surfaces for the extent of the race. The race is run on the northbound side of the highway. Traffic will be at reduced speeds on most of the course and closed off in the canyon before Bluff.  

Where will the Aid stations be located at?

Aid Stations are located every 3 miles. All aid stations will have water and sports drinks. Energy gels and item drops are at 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18

FRUIT & FOOD: MILE 15 & the Finish Line
RESTROOMS: Start line, MILE 2, 13, 20, Finish line


EMS: MILE 12, 18 & Finish line

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